APAI is a global property firm headquartered in Australia, that specializes in the development, investment, management and sales of Australian property.

APAI operates on four platforms:

1. As a commercial & residential property development firm.

2. As a private REIT, with focus on the Australian market.

3. As a global sales firm, specializing in the offshore pre-sales of Australian apartments.

4. As a finance firm, securing and structuring project finance up to $3bil for our clients.

Risk Management

APAI conducts its operations in a manner which ensures all risks are identified, assessed and managed appropriately.

Our risk management policy applies to all risks associated with property, development, investment, management and sales.

APAI has developed a structured and thorough approach to risk management and have implemented our risk management program in accordance with the Australian risk management standard: AS/NZ4360:2004.


Transparency is a highly important element of our approach and we seek to reflect this in all of our business practices.

Transparency, accountability and sustainability are essential to the success of APAI.

Being transparent with our clients, investors and partners is an important principle for our company.

APAI's strategic direction, quality of leadership and management, internal controls and operating performance is all subject to our transparency policy.


Our behaviour is influenced by our core values:

- Integrity

- Passion

- Innovation

- Teamwork

- Excellence

APAI strives to deliver the best and continues  to look for ways to improve.

Why Australia?

The past 30 years has proved Australia as having one of the world's most consistent property markets, providing secure returns in excess of 7% p.a. over this period, and has experienced fewer years of decline than almost any other international property market.

When this is coupled with the fact that the Australian property market has shown an ability to resist downward shift in prices, this allows us to invest in property over the long term with great confidence.

The Australian property market is underpinned by a strong and regular inflow of migrants and a stable economic & political base, which further ensures that the demand for Australian property continues to grow from both the influx of new arrivals and the increasing demand from the local market for quality, commercial & residential property.

By using a combination of acquisition growth strategies and analysing market conditions, our team develops strategies for maximum growth in order to deliver superior profit returns to our investors and partners world wide.